‘April Fool’s Day’ is Fun and Delightfully Dated (review)

A group of twenty-something friends and acquaintances are heading to an island to celebrate their friend Muffy’s birthday. Once there, they run into trouble when they discover there’s a killer among them and no way off the island. Meanwhile Muffy’s behavior is becoming increasingly erratic. It seems everyone present has “little secrets” they’d like to stay hidden but are revealed with his or her death. Could it be that Muffy has gathered them all for some elaborate revenge scheme? Or is it an April Fool’s Day prank they’ll never forget?

Those wacky ’80s hairstyles! Look at these assholes with their feet on the table–they’re just asking to get stabbed.

It’s your basic slasher movie: a large cast getting killed off one by one in an increasingly predictable fashion. Except that the characters, rather than being naughty teens, are naughty college students, so in between having sex and drinking they’re reading Paradise Lost and reciting poetry. But higher education doesn’t save them from having dumb moments, my favorite being when Rob tells Kit shortly after she finds one of their friends dead in a well, “You gotta look at the bright side of things.”


I liked the characters, but I had genuine difficulty telling them apart.

april fools day
Each as forgettable as the last

Slasher movies generally have all-white casts, give or take a token Black guy or couple, and the characters are somewhat hard to distinguish between at first. Usually types are established: the practical joker, the nerd, the athletic guy, the final girl, etc. In this movie there were only four women, so I could classify them as the bookworm, the sex kitten, the unremarkable blond girl, and Muffy. But there were five guys, who all seemed to be the athletic practical joker. They eventually became the guy with the southern accent, the guy who might be gay (wait, which one was he?), and the other blond guys. Even by the end of the movie I was still confused. In addition to my befuddlement at the many many blonds, I spent most of the movie waiting for Muffy to reveal herself as a guy. Apparently I got my endings mixed up.

Hey Muffy, hahaha!

Overall, it’s decent for a slasher; the acting is acceptable and there’s a nifty twist ending. It’s directed by Fred Walton of When a Stranger Calls and When a Stranger Calls Back fame. I enjoyed it. Give it a look if you’re in the mood for something that’s a little bit—but not too much—out of the ordinary.

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