‘Bitter Feast’ is Sharp and Darkly Funny (review)

Peter (James LeGros) is the host of his own cooking show, and also the chef at a chic gourmet restaurant. He focuses on organic, sustainable ways of eating, for example cooking a deer he killed and butchered himself. Unfortunately his technique doesn’t garner enough ratings, and Peter loses the show and his upcoming line of cookware. Add to this recipe a bad review of his restaurant by infamous mean food critic J.T. Franks (Joshua Leonard) and Peter, who had been pretty unstable since childhood, goes off the deep end. He kidnaps Franks and chains him up. Planning a “rehabilitation,” his goal is to turn the tables on the critic. When this fails to break him, Peter kidnaps Franks’s wife Katherine (Amy Seimetz), whom he has a nasty gustatory surprise for.

So that’s what the Blair Witch did with him!

I think one of the most striking things about Bitter Feast is the lack of likable characters. Peter is a loony, arrogant sadist. (However, I do have a grudging admiration for his hardcore devotion to being green.) Franks is a failed writer who takes out his bitterness on everyone around him, particularly Katherine. Other characters include Coley (genre icon Larry Fessenden), a sleazy private investigator who breaks into Peter’s house and eats out of his fridge, and Peter’s annoying costar Peg (Megan Hilty). Katherine, though she gets more interesting towards the end of the movie, is pretty devoid of personality.

Just look at this pretentious asshole!

The film can be quite gory at times. There is a lot of blood and more than one shot of dead animal pieces (and a skinned rabbit). But there are some wonderfully subtle touches as well, like a scene before the kidnapping when Peter is standing at his kitchen counter labeling a series of locks. We don’t know what they’re for yet, but it can’t be nice.

“Now my review. J.T. Franks is a worthless cunt who doesn’t deserve to live. The end!”–actual quote

I almost always hate horror movie dialogue that attempts to be funny, but with this film I enjoy the occasional, tasteful one-liners. Also comical to me is a cameo by TV chef Mario Batali, who lets fly a string of f-bombs he’d never be able to get away with on Food Network. The film crosses the line from horror to dark humor well, a process that many films in the genre botch. Give it a look if you’re in the mood for something intense but amusing.

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