‘Blade II’ is Chock Full of Action and Gore (review)


Blade (Wesley Snipes), the half-vampire half-human vampire hunter, returns. This time, he’s accepting a truce from the Vampire Nation. It seems there’s an anomaly causing vampires to mutate into drooling Venus-flytrap-faced lunatics that are deadly to other vampires. He reluctantly joins up with a crack team of vampires, along with his human associates Scud (Norman Reedus) and Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), who magically returns from the dead.

b2 2
Look, it’s Norman Reedus!

I never read the comic books, so I have no idea how closely the movie follows them, and for me, that’s usually for the best with comic book adaptations, because I get mad when they change stuff. Comic book legend Stan Lee is an executive producer, but that doesn’t guarantee fidelity to the source material. I first saw Blade II in the theatre as a teenager only because my boyfriend at the time dragged me. I remember I found it boring at the time. On my most recent viewing, I enjoyed it more—though of course I am biased now, being a fan of director Guillermo del Toro. I also enjoy Ron Perlman. While it’s not movie of the year material, there are some good things. It’s not entirely predictable. It’s pretty original, like Scud’s method of vampire surveillance: an alarm system that measures body temperature and thus alive-ness.

b2 4
“Bleh bleh-bleh!”


My biggest complaint is Snipes’s performance—he tends to overdo the cool guy act. I do wonder why Blade is the only human/vampire hybrid. Also, the CGI is laughably bad, even for 2002. It reminds me of the death reenactments on 1000 Ways to Die. However, the stunt-work is impressive, and the fight scenes are well-choreographed (though they get tedious at times when they’re dragged out).

b2 1
Totally out of context here, but I couldn’t NOT include this adorable publicity still


Although Blade has a potential love interest in Nyssa (Leonor Varela) the sexy vampire, I can’t help but feel there are homoerotic undertones throughout the film. For example the relationship between Blade and Whistler, with Blade promising to get him “whatever you need,” and Whistler replying, “I need you!”

I like this movie a little better every time I watch it. Check it out if you’re in the mood for vampires and lots of blood.

b2 5
Like, just ALL the blood, folks


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