‘Crazy Lips’ is Bizarre but Compelling (review)

Japanese movie, AKA Hakkyousuru kuchibiru. Satomi (Hitomi Miwa) is a young woman whose brother Michio (Kazuma Suzuki) is a fugitive suspect in a murder case. She goes to the Psychic Research Center and enlists the help of wacky psychic Mamiya (Yoshiko Yura) and her assistant Touma. They show up at her house and do a séance to find the real killer. From there, poor Satomi encounters no end of weird stuff, from a quartet of headless ghosts to mysterious aliens (but no crazy lips–the title of the movie is never explained). It culminates in a free-for-all in the woods between Satomi’s family and the families of the victims.


This is a highly unusual movie, for multiple reasons. The theatrical trailer asserts, “People who watch this movie go crazy in a week.” Indeed, the first time I watched the film I was flummoxed, as it starts out as a pretty standard Japanese horror movie—then it turns odd. The events depicted are just plain strange, with dialogue like, “Go find your head!” and “Let the psychically trace it.” In addition, there is a musical number, and loony FBI agents Narimoto (Hiroshi Abe) and Lucy (Tomomi Kuribayashi), who’s blond, has blue contacts, and delivers all of her dialogue in English so heavily accented it still needs subtitles. One of my favorite scenes is when Lucy and Narimoto’s boss, the Colonel (Ren Ôsugi), speak privately to Satomi through her television. Her sister Kaori (Hijiri Natsukawa) enters the room, and Satomi can’t get to the remote to change the channel, so the Colonel and Lucy pretend they’re on a dance show. After a while, there doesn’t seem to be much of a plot, and everything you think you know about the characters is thrown out the window.

I love Lucy!

Another way the film is unusual is its sexual content. Crazy Lips has intercourse, nudity, incest, and even a dildo. Kaori is constantly in a state of sexual arousal, and Mamiya points out to her that “You took care of yourself last night.” Kaori also sexually harasses her ex-boyfriend, causing him to flee the house with no pants. There is a pretty disturbing rape scene when Touma forces Satomi to be penetrated by a corpse hanging from the ceiling. (This of course is the scene that my brother happened to walk in on while I was watching it—good times.) Thus, in between the wackiness, there is some serious stuff. It makes the film hard to pin down as one particular genre.

What is happening inside this movie is a better question

I didn’t like the movie very much the first time I saw it, mostly because I wasn’t expecting the unexpected. This time, I was ready to be taken for a ride, and I had a blast.  Give it a look if you’re in the mood for something wacky and wicked.

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