‘Nightmare Man’ is a Hot Mess (review)

Ellen has just bought a fertility mask, hoping it will put some spice in her marriage to Bill. Unfortunately, it just brings her bad dreams—so bad that she has to take medication and eventually needs to go to a mental hospital. On the way there, Ellen and Bill’s car runs out of gas in the woods. Bill walks off to the nearest gas station, and Ellen is attacked by the evil guy she’s been dreaming about. Luckily, there’s a small wedding party nearby: couples Ed and Mia (Tiffany Shepis) and Jack and Trinity. With the Nightmare Man lurking around, the five of them have to band together to survive the night.

He’s a real nightmare man, sitting in his nightmare land…

I had low expectations from the very beginning. Even the production company refers to it as a “flick.” It’s low budget, and we get side-boob in the first scene with an ass shortly after, which shows it’s exploitative. Indeed, the film is stupid with gratuitous bra and pantie shots and nudity.


I’m also disturbed by a scene when shots of Ellen trying not to get stabbed are crosscut with the party playing Erotic Truth or Dare—it seems to be sexualizing Ellen‘s experience. While there’s a small attempt at character development, it mostly revolves around how Trinity and Mia were lovers in college. Besides that, the acting isn’t great, and the twist is predictable. The characters mangle the English language with phrases like “a big relief off my mind.” That is, when Ellen isn’t yelling “Ah! No! Oh God!” which is the bulk of her dialogue. Then there are gems like “He’s the Devil, I tell you!” Mia also has many annoying one-liners, as does Ellen when she’s possessed by the Nightmare Man. While the mask is mildly eerie and the special effects are good, overall the film isn’t scary at all.

More like mildly racist

I first watched this with my sister, who rented it hoping it would be good because it’s a Horrorfest movie—a series of films released every year that are supposedly too scary or gory for theatres. Judging by most of those that I’ve seen, they’re just too crappy. (Not that a theatrical release guarantees greatness.) Check it out if you’re in the mood for a cheesefest.

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