‘Darkness Falls’: A Little Creepy and a Little Crappy (review)

In Darkness Falls (most depressing town name ever) the children have to be careful upon losing their last baby tooth; the ghost of Matilda Dixon (Antony Burrows)—AKA the Tooth Fairy—will come to collect it, and if her face is seen, it means certain doom. The only way to keep her at bay is with light. (Long story short, 150 years ago she gave kids money for their teeth, her face was burned in a fire, causing her to wear a mask and be sensitive to light, and she was blamed for the disappearance of two children, prompting the townspeople to hang her, and she cursed the town.) Back in the present, Kyle (the late Chaney Kley), whose mother was killed by the Fairy, leaving him to be framed for it (irony!) returns to Darkness Falls, lugging his bag o’ flashlights and anti-psychotic pills. Seems his old friend Caitlin (Emma Caulfield Ford), whose little brother Michael (Lee Cormie) has just lost his last baby tooth, needs help. During a town-wide blackout it’s up to them to send Matilda packing for good.

N-eyes picture! Ah, there’s nothing cornea than eye puns.

The plot is somewhat original, the special effects are fairly good, and the performances are decent. Matilda, not being overly CGI’d, is even rather creepy, especially during the scene when she’s haunting young Kyle (though of course she’s played by a dude). After Kyle finds his mother’s body, he hides in the bathtub with the lights on. The camera pans out the window to show the Tooth Fairy screeching on the roof, waiting for him.


However, what makes the movie hard to take seriously are the one-liners, which range from cheesy (“We stay in the light, we stay alive”) to terrible (“I see you, bitch!”).

“I see you back, asshole!”

(Though I have to admit I like Kyle’s nonchalant response to the question, “Are you crazy?” “Yeah. A little bit.”) On a personal level, I also have a hard time empathizing with the characters; I just don’t like or care about them—they all annoy me.

Meh take ’em or leave ’em

Hence, the things I dislike about the movie tend to outweigh the things I appreciate. However, I last watched this right after Boogeyman, which is surprisingly similar, and while it’s not saying much, this film is superior. I saw this first in the theatre with my friend Stacy, who hates horror movies; we must have been bored that weekend. She was duly unimpressed. But if you’re a horror fan, give it at least a passing glance. Watch for Emily Browning as Young Caitlin and Angus Sampson as Ray.

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