‘The Legend of Bloody Mary’ is Somewhat Unremarkable (review)

Ryan (Paul Preiss) is having nightmares about a monster coming to get him; he’s been having them since his sister Amy (Rachel Taylor) disappeared six years before. Seems she was playing the game Bloody Mary (writing her name on a mirror and calling the ghost of Mary Worth) and apparently lost. Meanwhile, Ryan’s acquaintance Father O’Neal (Robert J. Locke Jr.) is in charge of an archaeological dig nearby—it’s a mass grave, along with a big mirror. Eventually the father and Ryan figure out their two storylines are related; Mary Worth (Caitlin Wachs) was executed hundreds of years ago by her townspeople for being pregnant and not married; after they one by one cut her with a piece of glass while making her look in a mirror, she was stabbed to death. So she cursed them all. Her vengeful spirit is trapped in the mirror, and she tends to pull people in with her. Ryan and Father O’Neal have to exorcise her spirit before she hurts anyone else.

The townspeople were being rather pigheaded about the whole thing

The most striking thing about this movie, besides the mediocre acting, is what I like to call antsy camera. This camera doesn’t tend to stay in one place—most shots are only a few seconds long and sometimes almost random—there are a lot of extreme close-ups of faces. There’s also a shot of a bare breast in the first three minutes of the movie—bad sign!

On the plus side, I do enjoy one shot during a flashback to Mary’s life; the magistrate who is sentencing her (Stephen Macht) is standing before a giant crucifix. Jesus’s head and torso are blocked by the guy, but Jesus’s arms are visible by the magistrate’s head, giving him the appearance of horns. I also like the scene when Amy’s friend Maggie (Kristen Dalto) is sleeping in front of a static-y T.V.; the snow comes together to form Bloody Mary’s face.


So why watch it? Don’t, unless you’re a Bloody Mary fan. I happen to be—I’m creeped out by the whole concept of an evil spirit coming out of my bathroom mirror. I’ve heard the story since I was a kid, but never had the guts to try it. Good thing I only wrote Bloody Mary four times—oh crap, that’s five. Well, I’m still h—

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