Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Whether you love dogs or love seeing their dignity taken from them, Halloween is a great time of year to see them looking extra cute. I have scoured the internet to bring you ten of the funniest costumes out there.

10. Tarantula

This beauty is walking around with twelve legs and four eyes, and a whole lot of adorableness.

Photo courtesy of


9. The Pup-paccino

This dog is pretty chill in all the frills. The “Starbarks” logo is a nice touch.

dog costumes 3
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8. The Little Mermaid

This pretty pug looks stoked to be a sassy redhead!

dog costumes 2
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7. Freddy Krueger
This itty-bitty chihuahua looks ready to haunt some dreams! The hat and little glove are too precious!
dog costumes 4
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6. Pikachu

How amazing is this costume, and how happy does this chap look? Pug-achu, I choose you!

dog costumes 7
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5. Chia Pet

Or possibly a carrot. Either way, this Boston Terrier looks pretty cozy and lovely to boot.

dog costumes 1
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4. Octopus

This baby looks like it’s wearing a battle trophy. Or possibly the octopus is in the process of eating it. Whatever the case, that side-eye is pure (adorable) contempt.

dog costumes 5
Photo courtesy of

3. Winnie the Pooh + Honey Jar

This Winnie the Pup is too sweet! Looks like it passed out after a honey binge–nice effect!

dog costumes 8
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2. Marty McFly

This love looks pretty (mc) fly and happy in this retro ’80s-inspired costume!

dog costumes 9
Photo courtesy of

1. Marilyn Monroe

This plus-size sweetie looks beyond thrilled (or possibly terrified) to be Marilyn Pug-roe. Can you tell I’m a sucker for pugs?

dog costumes 10
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