Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Cats

Halloween is not a fun time of year for cats. Whether they’re being hassled on the streets by pranksters or stuffed into costumes, it’s safe to say cats are pissed. Which makes them wearing costumes even fricking funnier, I have to say. I have scoured the internet for the ten most humiliating—I mean adorable—cat costumes out there.  

10. Lobster

I wonder if this chap’s thousand-yard stare is coming from appearing as though it’s being eaten by something it might normally consider prey, or if it stems from being placed in a stock pot.  

cat 1

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9. Pennywise

That the cat is already white is a hoot, but the bald cap jammed on its head is a bonus. The balloon is just priceless.  

cat 2

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8. Princess Leia

This baby looks like its only hope is getting out of this costume quickly. I can’t believe that wig is staying on its head.  

cat 3

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7. Turkey

This cat clearly has a message for its owner, and that message is not “Dress me as poultry.”

cat 4

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6. Super Mario

 A simple costume, yes, but this fluffer came with its own moustache. Too cute! 

cat 5

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5. Baked Potato

This is a homemade costume, and if the cat looks embarrassed but tolerant, it’s because he’s used to modeling for his person. You can check out more of her stuff  here: 

cat 6

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4. Cheeseburger

For the cat who’s always asking if it can haz cheeseburger, now it can BE cheeseburger. It does look both terrified and disappointed.  

cat 7

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3. Surgeon

Have a cat who likes to dissect the couch or other beloved destroyable items? Get revenge by dressing the beast accordingly! 

cat 8

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2. Nyan Cat

This furbaby looks like either the concept of dressing as the internet star has blown its mind, or that it’s paralyzed with rage.  

cat 9

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  1. Sushi

Here’s the baked potato cat again, the handsome model for mommy’s mad crafting experiments. Hopefully he got some kind of fishy treat for being so patient. What a sweetheart!

cat 10

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