Top Ten Cutest Halloween Costumes for Babies

It’s tough raising a baby. They cry constantly, eat constantly, and poo constantly. A parent takes one’s joys where he or she can. Like dressing the little bundle of joy in a crazy costume! I’ve scoured the internet for the most adorable ones.

10. Caterpillar

This little love is conveying both confusion and a deep sense of betrayal. But that costume is too sweet!

costume 1

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9. Bob Ross

Now this is a happy little baby! That giant wig is just delightful! I hope no one lets him eat that paint brush.

costume 2

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8. Avocado

This chap looks as though he or she is deciding whether being a green oversized fruit is pleasing. The exposed tummy standing in for the seed is a nice touch.

costume 3

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7. Eleven from Stranger Things

I could do without the fake bloody nose, since babies already have plenty of unwelcome stuff coming out of there as it is, but otherwise how cute is this?! If she’s teething, she can gnaw on frozen Eggos.

costume 4

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6. Spider

This itsy bitsy spider is so fuzzy wuzzy! And that little pink bow!

costume 7

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5. Super Mario

I know I did a cat Mario already, but the baby carrier/portal is too sweet! It must be comfortable; this gent looks pretty peaceful.

costume 5

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4. Narwhal

I’m a sucker for babies with tails. And a horn. This little darling seems to be digging the outfit!

costume 6

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3. Taco

I love how the costume accommodates this little one’s posture. It doesn’t seem to be slowing her down!

costume 8

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2. Black Panther

And you thought Chadwick Boseman was cute! That little hood with ears is just too much!

costume 9

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  1. Rosie the Riveter

This little lady looks more interested in her toes than making planes for the war effort, but she certainly is riveting! Ha-HA!

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