Top Ten Most Ridiculous “Sexy” Halloween Costumes

When you’re a kid, Halloween is all about the (literal) candy. When you’re an adult and can no longer trick-or-treat without facing severe social stigma for not having kids with you, it’s all about the (eye) candy. Women especially are encouraged to show off the goods, with costumes that vary from skimpy to WTF?! I’ve scoured the internet for the latter.

10. Buzz Lightyear

Nothing’s more alluring than a toy who thinks he’s real! If the costume designers are set on binding the woman’s arms to her body, I hope those wings are functional.

costume 2

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9. Jason Voorhies

This one reminds me of the Halloween costumes of my youth, which were plastic smocks with the character’s face on them. I would love to see a foot race between this lady in those go-go boots and Jason, to see who’s faster.

costume 3

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8. Fake News

That dress looks extremely uncomfortable, even if it’s not actually made of newspaper. Interesting placement of the word “Fake.”

costume 4

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7. Poop Emoji

Why? Just…why?!?! If the intent of the sexy costume is to instigate arousal…I can’t even finish this sent—

costume 5

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6. Lobster

Outside of a Yorgos Lanthimos movie, lobsters aren’t a desirable form to take. Though she can probably find something interesting to do with those giant fuzzy mitts.

costume 6

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5. Mr. Rogers

Nothing like a beloved childrens’ icon wearing booty shorts. I can’t decide if this is creepier with or without the wig.

costume 7

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4. Jellyfish

Nothing says sexy like a cold, gelatinous sea creature. With boobs for eyes.

costume 8

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3. Crayon

This model is clearly not enjoying impersonating a drawing tool. I don’t know which bothers me more, the off-center hat or the idea that making a short dress out of any random object qualifies it as arousing.

costume 9

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2. Beyond Burger

This gal looks like a Dr. Seuss character wearing a fringed potato sack. I’ve looked into the abyss, which is looking back at me–I’m complaining that a woman doesn’t look like a hamburger.

costume 10

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  1. Gumball Machine

Words fail me.

costume 11

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