‘Seconds Apart’ is Worth Watching at Least Once (or Twice)

Twin brothers Jonah (Edmund Entin) and Seth (Gary Entin) are teenage psychopaths with telepathic powers and the ability to make folks hallucinate. As part of a mysterious project, they manipulate people into killing themselves. On their trail is the troubled but dedicated Detective Lampkin (Orlando Jones).

It’s like looking at two evil Rushmore-era Jason Schwartzmans

About ten years ago, I asked my sister for suggestions of movies I should review, and she mentioned this one. I haven’t gotten around to it until now, but it turned out to be well worth the wait.

The boys’ infinite synchronicity and their undeservedly smug parents add much to the creepiness factor

But first the gripes. I loved Lampkin; his angst coupled with his unflagging determination adds everything to the emotional journey of watching. Orlando Jones gives a heartbreaking performance. Unfortunately, he adds nothing at all to the plot. The movie would have rolled right along with or without him. Even the expositional info about the boys’ backgrounds he digs up could have been revealed without involving a whole other character–or left out entirely–why explain the source of their powers? Jonah’s love interest Eve (Samantha Droke) is not at all appealing. Most of her screen time is dedicated to talking about herself incessantly.

This is the face I make while listening to Eve, too

It also comes across as derivative at times. The scene below is strongly reminiscent of Carrie.

“Aw, we’re wearing the same outfit! They’re all gonna laugh at us!”

And the plot of twins divided by one of them falling in love is straight out of Dead Ringers.

However, there are some genuine and original shocks. The opening sequence, involving four sexist and arrogant but otherwise probably okay guys (except the one who might have killed a dog) being forced into a game of Russian roulette by the twins is highly disturbing, as are most of the scenes involving Seth and Jonah exploiting people (ew, the Guinea worm scene!). The visuals are gorgeous but haunting.

If this shot doesn’t make you want to watch, I give up

On the whole, I was impressed. Check it out if you’re in the mood for something with snappy banter, religious overtones, and stylish gore.

“When I’m with you, I’m so happy I’m beside myself.”

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