Ryan George: “Ghosts are Bad at Revenge”

If you’ve never seen a Ryan George YouTube video, you’re in for a treat. He’s a master of parody, especially that of dumb movie tropes. He really gets horror films and how silly they can be. In “Ghosts are Bad at Revenge”, we have a freshly dead guy in the Unfinished Business Bureau, being toldContinue reading “Ryan George: “Ghosts are Bad at Revenge””

‘Bob’s Burgers’: The “Ghost”

If you’ve never seen Bob’s Burgers, it’s a cartoon about a family who runs the eponymous burger restaurant. If you haven’t seen it, seriously, what are you waiting for? It’s amazing. Jordan Peele has guest voiced eight times. Anywho, in the season 9 episode “Roller? I Hardly Knew Her!” matriarch Linda, patriarch Bob, and theirContinue reading “‘Bob’s Burgers’: The “Ghost””

It’s a Shpadoinkle Day! How ‘bout Some ‘Cannibal! The Musical’?

It’s mid-February, but in my neck of California it’s already balmy and redolent of honeysuckle. You might say it’s a shpadoinkle day, which brings to mind Cannibal! The Musical. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a pre-South Park Trey Parker/Matt Stone film about a man falsely accused of eating his colleagues and the reporter whoContinue reading “It’s a Shpadoinkle Day! How ‘bout Some ‘Cannibal! The Musical’?”

Screen Rant’s “Pitch Meetings” Are Hilarious

Love horror movies, but hate plot holes? Do you delight in a loving parody? Check out Screen Rant’s “Pitch Meetings”! The premise is a screenwriter positing his new idea to a movie executive (both played by Ryan George). They’re movies that already exist, and the writer gets to playfully point out the flaws in saidContinue reading “Screen Rant’s “Pitch Meetings” Are Hilarious”

Check Out David Harbour’s SNL Monologue!

David Harbour, Hopper on Stranger Things, recently hosted Saturday Night Live. After an obligatory reference to other stuff he’s known for, naturally they bust out a Stranger Things parody. I don’t want to ruin all the jokes, but my favorite is when he calls Aidy Bryant “Barb.” Watch it here:

News Halloween Pranks and Bloopers!

Did you forget TV news shows were a thing? Turns out they have rather amusing antics around Halloween, including sending correspondents into haunted houses while the anchors safe behind the desk taunt them, hiring costumed performers to scare the anchors (no one is safe!), and having weather forecasters predict in costume. It gets a littleContinue reading “News Halloween Pranks and Bloopers!”