The Eerie, Beautiful Art of Stefan Koidl

Love Krampus? Dragons? A many-armed Santa Clause? Austrian artist Stefan Koidl is your man! He works in different media, including wood, paint, and digital. You can check out more of his works on his website: Instagram: and Facebook:

Sarah Mudle Rules Gory Practical Effects!

Looking for some cool creepy makeup videos? How about tutorials? Scars, boils, faces coming off, she can do it all! Check out this jaw-dropping video: Aside from YouTube, you can find her on Instagram: And Facebook:

Amanda Sidoti’s Voodoo Bath and Apothecary is Stunning!

I first became acquainted with Amanda through a horror group on Facebook. We kept in touch, and I wanted to promote her awesome home business. The following is an interview between her and me, via Messenger, since we live in different states: Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? A: K wantedContinue reading “Amanda Sidoti’s Voodoo Bath and Apothecary is Stunning!”

Check Out Nagato Iwasaki and his Driftwood Sculptures!

Love art that’s gorgeous but unsettling? How about some wood sculptures that look eerily like bones? Wandering alone in the woods? Look no further than Nagato Iwasaki! Some just happen to be headless. You can see a video of the sculptures here (I’m reasonably certain they’re not moving on their own): You can see moreContinue reading “Check Out Nagato Iwasaki and his Driftwood Sculptures!”

Andrew Johnson is King of the Jeeps

Love a good car-based prank? Andrew Johnson loves to dress up his right-hand-drive (the steering gear is on the right side of the car, European-style) with themes, complete with a dummy at the wheel. He’s not only a local legend in his hometown, but he’s also a philanthropist. According to him, “It’s a lot ofContinue reading “Andrew Johnson is King of the Jeeps”

Keith Busher’s Precious Mutations are Priceless!

Precious Moments figurines are ceramic statues depicting sweet subjects like angels or children. Artist Keith Busher subverts the saccharine factor of the statues by remaking them as monsterish–and still darn precious. You can see more of Busher’s work on his Facebook: and his Instagram:

Check Out Beejay Olson’s Awesome DIY Halloween Projects

I came across this Diply article on Facebook. So it’s third-hand news, but this guy is simply amazing. He brings Halloween yard decorations to an art form.