5 Ridiculously Horrifying Childrens’ Books

When I’m not reviewing horror movies, I am employed as library support staff (NOT everyone who works at the public library is a volunteer or a librarian). I recently wrote about some terrifying fairy tale and folklore books (which you can read here) when I was inspired at work, and I was recently motivated againContinue reading “5 Ridiculously Horrifying Childrens’ Books”

5 Horrifying Folktales from 1980s Childrens’ Books

I work at the public library, and occasionally my duties involve culling books that have either been circulated too often or not recently enough to keep them around anymore. While pulling fairy tale books, I noticed a few of these were quite disturbing, which launched this listicle in my mind.  5. The Monster and theContinue reading “5 Horrifying Folktales from 1980s Childrens’ Books”

Top Ten Most Ridiculous “Sexy” Halloween Costumes

When you’re a kid, Halloween is all about the (literal) candy. When you’re an adult and can no longer trick-or-treat without facing severe social stigma for not having kids with you, it’s all about the (eye) candy. Women especially are encouraged to show off the goods, with costumes that vary from skimpy to WTF?! I’veContinue reading “Top Ten Most Ridiculous “Sexy” Halloween Costumes”

Top Ten Cutest Halloween Costumes for Babies

It’s tough raising a baby. They cry constantly, eat constantly, and poo constantly. A parent takes one’s joys where he or she can. Like dressing the little bundle of joy in a crazy costume! I’ve scoured the internet for the most adorable ones. 10. Caterpillar This little love is conveying both confusion and a deepContinue reading “Top Ten Cutest Halloween Costumes for Babies”

Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Cats

Halloween is not a fun time of year for cats. Whether they’re being hassled on the streets by pranksters or stuffed into costumes, it’s safe to say cats are pissed. Which makes them wearing costumes even fricking funnier, I have to say. I have scoured the internet for the ten most humiliating—I mean adorable—cat costumesContinue reading “Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Cats”

Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Whether you love dogs or love seeing their dignity taken from them, Halloween is a great time of year to see them looking extra cute. I have scoured the internet to bring you ten of the funniest costumes out there. 10. Tarantula This beauty is walking around with twelve legs and four eyes, and aContinue reading “Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Dogs”

Top Ten Performances by Actors in Drag

It’s been a long road for depictions of LGBTQ people in the movies. From the beginning of film history, men who dressed as women were depicted as a joke. As Quentin Crisp said, “There’s no sin like being a woman.” There is still a lot of room for improvement, especially in the department of genuineContinue reading “Top Ten Performances by Actors in Drag”

Five Things I Have to Grudgingly Concede About the 1997 Remake of ‘The Shining’

Of course it’s blasphemy to say that the remake of The Shining is superior to Stanley Kubrick’s original, but there are still some things to like about it. I’m working on a writing project about horror movies and parenting, and I’m writing a sub-section about psychotic parents. I tried to use the original, but JackContinue reading “Five Things I Have to Grudgingly Concede About the 1997 Remake of ‘The Shining’”

Five Songs That Make Me Shake My Head at the Narrators

This is a piece I wrote a while back and finally got around to doing my final polish. Many songs involve an unreliable or unlikable narrator whom the listener isn’t supposed to trust or like. For example Dave Matthews Band’s “Don’t Drink the Water,” which describes the horrors of colonialism through the eyes of someoneContinue reading “Five Songs That Make Me Shake My Head at the Narrators”