‘Bliss’: I Really Wanted to Like It

First, a disclaimer. As stated by the opening title card, “Warning: This film contains flashing images that may cause discomfort or trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.” Dezzy (Dora Madison) is a struggling artist. Her pieces aren’t selling, and she’s having a hard time producing anything new. Luckily, she comesContinue reading “‘Bliss’: I Really Wanted to Like It”

‘Brahms The Boy II’: Keep Your Expectations Low and Maybe a Strong Drink Handy

Directed by William Brent Bell and written by Stacey Menear, the team behind The Boy. Liza (Katie Holmes), Sean (Owain Yeoman), and their son Jude (Christopher Convery) are a tight-knit family living in London. Their feeling of security is compromised one night when Liza is assaulted by two burglars. Jude, who witnessed it, starts sufferingContinue reading “‘Brahms The Boy II’: Keep Your Expectations Low and Maybe a Strong Drink Handy”

‘Black Christmas’ (2019): They Meant Well…

Christmas break is approaching, and the students at Hawthorne College are getting ready to party. And by party I mean the men are picking off the women because they’re possessed by the evil magic practiced by the founder of the college, Calvin Hawthorne. It’s up to a feisty band of fighters (with traditionally masculine names,Continue reading “‘Black Christmas’ (2019): They Meant Well…”

‘The Black String’ is a Visceral Experience

Jonathan (Frankie Muniz) is a millennial still trying to figure things out in his life. When loneliness prompts him to call a hotline that sets him up with a local single, he meets Dena (Chelsea Edmundson). Despite his intentions to keep it in his pants on their first date, Dena vociferously talks him into nailingContinue reading “‘The Black String’ is a Visceral Experience”

‘Bloodline’: A Bit Predictable, but the Performances Make it Highly Watchable

Evan (Seann William Scott) is a social worker at a high school. He’s also a family man with a wife, Lauren (Mariela Garriga), and a young baby, Andrew, whom his mother Marie (Dale Dickey) moves in to help with. But Evan has a dark side: a la Dexter, he kidnaps less-than-moral dudes (in this case,Continue reading “‘Bloodline’: A Bit Predictable, but the Performances Make it Highly Watchable”

‘The Banana Splits Movie’: Yes, It’s a Horror Film

In real life, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour was a variety show from the late ’60s to early ’70s starring four dudes in animal costumes: Fleegle the dog, Bingo the monkey, Drooper the lion, and Snorkie the elephant. They performed comedy sketches interspersed with well-meaning but racist segments like the cartoon “The Arabian Knights” andContinue reading “‘The Banana Splits Movie’: Yes, It’s a Horror Film”

‘The Bat’: Dreamboat Vincent Price and Badass Women–Supermurgitroid! (movie review)

Cornelia (Agnes Moorehead) is a mystery writer living with her maid Lizzie (Lenita Lane). The two are menaced by what appears to be the killer known as The Bat. Unbeknownst to Cornelia there is a large sum of money hidden in her house, and the killer is now coming after it. The aspect of theContinue reading “‘The Bat’: Dreamboat Vincent Price and Badass Women–Supermurgitroid! (movie review)”

1958’s ‘The Blob’: Action-Packed with Squishy Goodness (review)

Teenager Steve (Steve McQueen) and his best girl Jane (Aneta Corsaut) have a major problem on their hands when a comet crash-lands in their town and leaves behind the Blob. It tends to do unpleasant things like eat people alive. As per usual for ‘50s sci-fi/horror movies, the kids run to the authority figures, whoContinue reading “1958’s ‘The Blob’: Action-Packed with Squishy Goodness (review)”

‘The Boogeyman’ Contains Many Laughs but No Boogeymen (review)

Not to be confused with 2005’s Boogeyman; this is a little gem from 1980. One night, little Lacey and Willy grow tired of their mother’s drunken, abusive boyfriend, and Willy stabs him to death. Actually a bad decision, because the guy’s spirit enters the mirror over his girlfriend’s bed, and vows revenge. Flash forward twentyContinue reading “‘The Boogeyman’ Contains Many Laughs but No Boogeymen (review)”

‘Bride of Chucky’ is a Fun and Funny Sequel (review)

The fourth movie in the Child’s Play series. Chucky (Brad Dourif) has been dismembered and stored in a police evidence room, and his sometime lover Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) is coming to get him and bring him back to life. (And yet again try to put him in a human body.) Meanwhile, teenagers Jesse (Nick Stabile)Continue reading “‘Bride of Chucky’ is a Fun and Funny Sequel (review)”