In the Mood for Gore, Comedy, and Booooooobs? ‘Yummy’ is for You! (Trailer)

Coming to the US this March, the Belgian film Yummy concerns a European plastic surgery clinic overrun by zombies after an experimental treatment goes awry. Check out the trailer–it looks amazing! Director/Writer: Lars Damoiseaux Writer: Eveline Hagenbeek Cast: Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders, Benjamin Ramon

Coming Soon: ‘The Night House’

Love mumblecore? Don’t know what mumblecore is, but love the fresh wave of indie movies by young horror auteurs? David Bruckner (The Signal, V/H/S, The Ritual) has got just the movie for you! The Night House concerns Beth (Rebecca Hall, The Gift 2015), a widow whose husband was hiding more from her than her Valentine’s Day present. The filmContinue reading “Coming Soon: ‘The Night House’”

‘The Walking Dead’ Star Danai Gurira is a Kickass Fundraiser and Advocate!

Love Danai Gurira as the zombie-stabbin’ Michonne? How about her memorable turn as warrior Okoye in Black Panther? Fury the martial Scout Fairy in Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast? Well, it turns out Gurira is more than just a pretty, fierce face. CARE, the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, is anContinue reading “‘The Walking Dead’ Star Danai Gurira is a Kickass Fundraiser and Advocate!”

Love Paul Tremblay’s Books? Get Ready for Adaptations! Someday.

Paul Tremblay’s debut novel, A Head Full of Ghosts, rocked the horror world for its masterful telling of a teenage girl’s possession being fodder for a reality show. The rights were obtained four years ago, and at the moment Oz Perkins (The Blackcoat’s Daughter, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House) isContinue reading “Love Paul Tremblay’s Books? Get Ready for Adaptations! Someday.”

Sam Raimi Claims More Evil Dead is on the Horizon

Can’t get enough of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead? Still salty about the cancellation of Ash vs. Evil Dead? Raimi claims more is a-comin’ with a different director (Fede Alvarez is interested in a sequel to his 2013 reboot) and Bruce Campbell behind the scenes only as a producer. Raimi claims Campbell is “tired of meContinue reading “Sam Raimi Claims More Evil Dead is on the Horizon”