Takashi Miike Challenge!

It’s a federal holiday, my children are with their abuelos, and I am sick with a disgusting cold. It’s the perfect storm for a movie day! I’ve had a growing pile of Takashi Miike must-sees, and today’s challenge is to discover whether I can stomach them all in one day: Ichi the Killer, The HappinessContinue reading “Takashi Miike Challenge!”

‘Trick’ is a Bizarre but Enjoyable Experience

The film opens at a Halloween party in 2015. A group of teens, including Cheryl (Kristina Reyes), Nicky (Kya Brickhouse), Troy (Max Miller), and the eponymous (Pa)Trick (Thom Niemann) are playing spin the bottle. When Trick lands on a dude, he inexplicably starts murdering people. Detective Denver (Omar Epps) and Sheriff Jayne (Ellen Adair) shootContinue reading “‘Trick’ is a Bizarre but Enjoyable Experience”