‘Summer of Fear’: Do it for Linda Blair and Wes Craven! (review)

Rachel (Linda Blair) is a teenage girl with a nice life: well-to-do, with a loving family and boyfriend (Jeff McCracken), and a cool best friend (Fran Drescher). Then her aunt and uncle die in a car accident, and her cousin Julia (Lee Purcell), whom no one has seen in ten years, comes to live withContinue reading “‘Summer of Fear’: Do it for Linda Blair and Wes Craven! (review)”

1978’s ‘Magic’: Holy F***! (review)

“A terrifying love story” about the romantic relationship between ventriloquist/magician Corky (Anthony Hopkins) and his ventriloquist dummy Fats—er, I mean with former high school friend Peggy Ann (Ann-Margret). Corky, poised on the verge of his own variety show and thus instant fame, flips out over the requirement of taking a medical exam (probably because itContinue reading “1978’s ‘Magic’: Holy F***! (review)”