1995’s ‘Tales from the Hood’: Still Shocking, Creepy, and Anti-Racist (review)

Horror anthology which is, as the title suggests, often set in the ‘hood. There are four segments with a wraparound story: three gangsters in a funeral home (Joe Torry, De’aundre Bonds, and Samuel Monroe Jr.) are being told about the corpses by the proprietor (Clarence Williams III). “Rogue Cop Revelation” concerns Clarence (Anthony Griffith), aContinue reading “1995’s ‘Tales from the Hood’: Still Shocking, Creepy, and Anti-Racist (review)”

‘Rumpelstiltskin’: So Bad, it’s…Just Bad (review)

Rumpelstiltskin (Max Grodénchik) is a goblin-type guy in the 1400s wanting to trick people into letting him grant them wishes so he can claim their first-born babies. The local villagers are less than pleased with his conduct and hunt him down, and a witch turns him into a statue. Flash-forward to present-day LA, when housewifeContinue reading “‘Rumpelstiltskin’: So Bad, it’s…Just Bad (review)”

‘The Mangler’: Tobe Hooper, Ted Levine, and Robert Englund–’nuff Said (review)

John (Ted Levine) is a gruff but lovable detective investigating a death at the Blue Ribbon Laundry: a woman was sucked into a steam ironer and flattened. His brother-in-law Mark (Daniel Matmor) immediately suspects the machine is possessed by a demon, and he’s right. John and Mark discover that the owner, Gartley (Robert Englund), deliberatelyContinue reading “‘The Mangler’: Tobe Hooper, Ted Levine, and Robert Englund–’nuff Said (review)”

‘The Langoliers’: *Siiiigh* (review)

Ten passengers on a plane awake from a nap to find that everyone else—including the pilot—has disappeared. Fortunately the captain apparently put the plane on autopilot before vanishing, and Brian the off-duty pilot (David Morse) is onboard. Besides Brian, there’s British spy Nick (Mark Lindsay Chapman), schoolteacher Laurel (Patricia Wettig), blind psychic kid Dinah (KateContinue reading “‘The Langoliers’: *Siiiigh* (review)”

‘Dracula: Dead and Loving It’ is Eternally Amusing (review)

Parody of Dracula movies by way of Mel Brooks. It has the same basic plot as Dracula (mixing aspects of Tod Browning’s 1931 version and Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 version): Count Dracula (Leslie Nielsen) makes a living (undeading?) drinking blood and corrupting repressed virgins until he crosses the wrong people, namely Dr. Seward (Harvey Korman),Continue reading “‘Dracula: Dead and Loving It’ is Eternally Amusing (review)”