‘Mimic’: Get Ready to Get Bugged! (review)

Due to an epidemic affecting children that happens to be carried by cockroaches, New York entomologist Dr. Susan (Mira Sorvino) engineers a “Judas” beetle that will kill the nasties. In the process, the Judas beetle keeps mutating—so much so that it begins to “mimic its predator”—us. It’s up to Susan, her partner Dr. Peter (JeremyContinue reading “‘Mimic’: Get Ready to Get Bugged! (review)”

1997’s ‘Campfire Tales’ is Fun and a Little Scary, but Kinda Predictable (review)

Anthology-style movie. The wraparound story is of four teens (Christine Taylor, Christopher Masterson, Kim Murphy, and Jay R. Ferguson) who are stranded in the woods after a car crash, and they’re telling each other stories to pass the time, as one does. “The Hook” concerns a pair of young folks (Amy Smart and James Marsden)Continue reading “1997’s ‘Campfire Tales’ is Fun and a Little Scary, but Kinda Predictable (review)”

‘Eve’s Bayou’: Surrender to the Splenderousness!!! (review)

Eve (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) is a ten-year-old girl in the not-quite-specified-when past. Her close-knit family includes her edgy mother Roz (Lynn Whitfield), philandering father Louis (Samuel L. Jackson), younger brother Poe (Jake Smollett), teenage sister Cisely (Meagan Good), and aunt Mozelle (Debbi Morgan), a psychic counselor. When Cisely tells Eve that Louis molested her, Eve vowsContinue reading “‘Eve’s Bayou’: Surrender to the Splenderousness!!! (review)”

Five Things I Have to Grudgingly Concede About the 1997 Remake of ‘The Shining’

Of course it’s blasphemy to say that the remake of The Shining is superior to Stanley Kubrick’s original, but there are still some things to like about it. I’m working on a writing project about horror movies and parenting, and I’m writing a sub-section about psychotic parents. I tried to use the original, but JackContinue reading “Five Things I Have to Grudgingly Concede About the 1997 Remake of ‘The Shining’”

‘Aberration’ (1997) is Ridiculous but Entertaining (review)

Amy (Pamela Gidley) has just stolen fifty thousand dollars from her ex-boyfriend Uri (Valeriy Nikolaev) and needs to hole up for a while, so she heads to a secluded cabin. Unfortunately there’s a bunch of green goo around, which spawns lizards that are “evolving into a more efficient predator.” They have teeth, spit poison, growContinue reading “‘Aberration’ (1997) is Ridiculous but Entertaining (review)”