Lucky McKee’s ‘May’: A Savage Look at the Pain of Unrealistic Beauty Standards (review)

May (Angela Bettis) is an extremely lonely young woman looking for that perfect somebody. She mourns the fact that people have “pretty parts, but no pretty wholes.” She meets Adam (Jeremy Sisto), who is initially interested, but soon creeped out by her, particularly when she bites him. She then tries to make a relationship withContinue reading “Lucky McKee’s ‘May’: A Savage Look at the Pain of Unrealistic Beauty Standards (review)”

‘Ju On: The Grudge’–I Wuvs! (review)

Japanese movie, directed by Takashi Shimizu. This is the film the American remake (also directed by Shimizu) draws the most from–there are two, and I’m not counting the Japanese sequel. A woman named Kayako (Takako Fuji) and her son Toshio (Yuya Ozeki) are killed by her husband Takeo (Takashi Matsuyama), and their angry, cursed ghostsContinue reading “‘Ju On: The Grudge’–I Wuvs! (review)”

‘Wishcraft’: Pizzle, I Say, Pizzle! (review)

Brett (Michael Weston) is a nerdy high schooler with a crush on Sam (Alexandra Holden), a popular girl with a jock boyfriend. His life changes seemingly for the better when an unknown benefactor gives him a wishing totem (a “bull pizzle”). He wishes that Sam would be his girlfriend, which she does. But he wondersContinue reading “‘Wishcraft’: Pizzle, I Say, Pizzle! (review)”

‘They’: A Little Uneven, but Solid Creepiness (review)

Julia (Laura Regan) is a psychology student working through childhood memories of night terrors. Her friend Billy (Jon Abrahams), who had a similar issue, kills himself in front of her, claiming the monsters they dreamed about have come back to get him. She becomes acquainted with Billy’s friends Terry (Dagmara Dominczyk) and Sam (Ethan Embry);Continue reading “‘They’: A Little Uneven, but Solid Creepiness (review)”

‘Phone’: Eerie and Well-Made (review)

Korean movie, AKA Pon. Ji Won is a reporter who has just uncovered a sex scandal. Among her many difficulties are threatening phone calls, both from a man involved in the scandal and a ghost, who tends to make a screechy noise that either kills people or seriously disturbs them. Ji Won’s niece Young JuContinue reading “‘Phone’: Eerie and Well-Made (review)”

‘Feardotcom’: A Lovely Series of Plot Holes (review)

Feardotcom(.com) is a website run by serial killer Alistair (Stephen Rea), who believes that “Reducing relationships to anonymous electronic impulses is a perversion.” His solution: kidnap young women and film himself torturing them until they beg to die, thus creating “intimacy with death.” Protagonist Mike (Stephen Dorff) is the detective who’s been hunting him forContinue reading “‘Feardotcom’: A Lovely Series of Plot Holes (review)”

‘Make a Wish’ (AKA ‘Lesbian Psycho!’): A Cheesy Slasher Movie with Gay Women is Still a Cheesy Slasher Movie (review)

It’s Susan’s birthday, and to celebrate she makes the masochistic decision to spend it camping with six of her ex-girlfriends, five of whom cheated on her. As can be expected of people in a horror movie drinking and having sex in the woods, they begin dying off. Is it Susan getting revenge, or is itContinue reading “‘Make a Wish’ (AKA ‘Lesbian Psycho!’): A Cheesy Slasher Movie with Gay Women is Still a Cheesy Slasher Movie (review)”