‘The Midnight Man’ (2018) is Impossible to Take Seriously–But it’s Fun

While acting as caretaker for her crotchety grandma Anna (Lin Shaye), Alex (Gabrielle Haugh) stumbles onto a game from Anna’s childhood. It involves the Midnight Man (Kyle Strauts), a creature who appears when summoned with a precise sequence of events, including but not limited to turning off all the lights, writing down one’s fears, drawingContinue reading “‘The Midnight Man’ (2018) is Impossible to Take Seriously–But it’s Fun”

‘The Tokoloshe’ is Absolutely Devastating

South African movie, in English and Zulu, by Black filmmaker Jerome Pikwane. Busi (it’s pronounced Boo-see–I’ve seen the movie, and I’m still reading it as Busy and I’m getting pissed at myself) (Petronella Tshuma) is living in abject poverty; her apartment building is condemned and she’s getting by on scraps. She vows to scrape upContinue reading “‘The Tokoloshe’ is Absolutely Devastating”

‘You Might Be the Killer’ is Definitely a Great Time

Sam (Fran Kranz, who’s getting typecast as the guy in a cabin in the woods) is a camp counselor with a staff of twelve. When a masked murderer menaces his campgrounds, he calls his buddy, horror expert Chuck (Alyson Hannigan), for advice on how to survive. Unfortunately, all signs point to Sam being the killer. Continue reading “‘You Might Be the Killer’ is Definitely a Great Time”

‘The Black String’ is a Visceral Experience

Jonathan (Frankie Muniz) is a millennial still trying to figure things out in his life. When loneliness prompts him to call a hotline that sets him up with a local single, he meets Dena (Chelsea Edmundson). Despite his intentions to keep it in his pants on their first date, Dena vociferously talks him into nailingContinue reading “‘The Black String’ is a Visceral Experience”

‘Reborn’ is Shockingly Watchable

Ken (Chaz Bono) is a sexy but deranged diener (the technical term for an employee at a morgue–not a lazy pun, I googled it) who inadvertently reanimates a baby that died in the womb. (Don’t expect logic here, just go with it.) He decides to take the infant home and raise her as his sister,Continue reading “‘Reborn’ is Shockingly Watchable”

‘Bloodline’: A Bit Predictable, but the Performances Make it Highly Watchable

Evan (Seann William Scott) is a social worker at a high school. He’s also a family man with a wife, Lauren (Mariela Garriga), and a young baby, Andrew, whom his mother Marie (Dale Dickey) moves in to help with. But Evan has a dark side: a la Dexter, he kidnaps less-than-moral dudes (in this case,Continue reading “‘Bloodline’: A Bit Predictable, but the Performances Make it Highly Watchable”

‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ is Definitely Better Than its Predecessor (review)

Matias (Colin Woodell, Unsane, The Purge TV series) has a fancy new computer, and the first thing he does is contact his girlfriend Amaya and show off the sign language app he got to help communicate better with her. She blows him off, so he engages in Skype game night with their friends, engaged couple NariContinue reading “‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ is Definitely Better Than its Predecessor (review)”

‘Hell Fest’ is Pretty Decent (review)

Natalie (Amy Forsyth, Channel Zero: No-End House) is visiting her best friend Brooke (Reign Edwards), who along with Brooke’s pal Taylor (Bex Taylor-Klaus, The Killing, Scream: The TV Series) coax Natalie into going to Hell Fest with them. Seems Natalie’s crush Gavin (Roby Attal) has VIP passes for the lot of them to experience the joys ofContinue reading “‘Hell Fest’ is Pretty Decent (review)”