‘The Deaths of Ian Stone’ is Pretty Okay (review)

Ian (Mike Vogel) has a rather odd existence. One day he’s a hockey player with a girlfriend named Jenny (Christina Cole); another day he’s an office worker and Jenny is only an acquaintance—his girlfriend is a woman named Medea (Jaime Murray). One day he’s driving a cab and Jenny is his passenger; another day he’sContinue reading “‘The Deaths of Ian Stone’ is Pretty Okay (review)”

Takashi Shimizu’s ‘Reincarnation’ is Unpredictable and Creepy (review)

Japanese movie, AKA Rinne, directed by Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge). The horror begins in the ‘70s, when a professor kills his two young children at a hotel, as well as nine other guests and staff members, for an experiment involving reincarnation. It indeed seems to have had some effect, as thirty years later angry spiritsContinue reading “Takashi Shimizu’s ‘Reincarnation’ is Unpredictable and Creepy (review)”

‘Nightmare Man’ is a Hot Mess (review)

Ellen has just bought a fertility mask, hoping it will put some spice in her marriage to Bill. Unfortunately, it just brings her bad dreams—so bad that she has to take medication and eventually needs to go to a mental hospital. On the way there, Ellen and Bill’s car runs out of gas in theContinue reading “‘Nightmare Man’ is a Hot Mess (review)”