'Snatchers': Imagine 'Juno', but with Hostile Aliens

Sara (Mary Nepi) is a teenage girl who’s determined to win back her ex-boyfriend Skyler (Austin Fryberger) by giving him her virginity. Unfortunately for her, he’s been infested with extraterrestrial matter, and impregnates her with alien spawn. She runs to her smart friend Hayley (Gabrielle Elyse), who stands by her when the quickly gestating creatureContinue reading “'Snatchers': Imagine 'Juno', but with Hostile Aliens”

1982’s ‘The Thing’: Please No More Remakes–We Have Reached Perfection (review)

John Carpenter’s remake of 1951’s The Thing from Another World. A group of people at the National Science Institute Station in Antarctica are menaced by a shape shifting alien that can pass itself off as a myriad of seemingly harmless things, from a dog to a fellow colleague. Since the being could rapidly infect theContinue reading “1982’s ‘The Thing’: Please No More Remakes–We Have Reached Perfection (review)”

‘The Tommyknockers’: Hostile Aliens, Corny Gadgets, and Gratuitous Sex Scenes (review)

Bobbi (Marg Helgenberger) is a writer living out in the Maine woods who (literally) stumbles onto a spaceship. Deciding it would be a good idea to dig it up, she and soon the whole town feel the effects of the aliens inside: they “become,” which involves having a ton of energy and being inspired toContinue reading “‘The Tommyknockers’: Hostile Aliens, Corny Gadgets, and Gratuitous Sex Scenes (review)”

1958’s ‘The Blob’: Action-Packed with Squishy Goodness (review)

Teenager Steve (Steve McQueen) and his best girl Jane (Aneta Corsaut) have a major problem on their hands when a comet crash-lands in their town and leaves behind the Blob. It tends to do unpleasant things like eat people alive. As per usual for ‘50s sci-fi/horror movies, the kids run to the authority figures, whoContinue reading “1958’s ‘The Blob’: Action-Packed with Squishy Goodness (review)”

‘The Fourth Kind’ is Eerie, but Nowhere Near Based on a True Story (review)

Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) is a psychologist in Alaska whose patients all seem to have repressed memories of being abducted by aliens. (The title comes from Allen Hynek’s scale for UFO experiences, being, respectively, sightings, physical effects, and the actual presence of aliens, though Hynek did not posit a fourth kind himself–thank you, Wikipedia.Continue reading “‘The Fourth Kind’ is Eerie, but Nowhere Near Based on a True Story (review)”

‘Dreamcatcher’: *makes puking noises* (review)

Four friends from childhood: Henry, a suicidal psychiatrist (Thomas Jane), Jonesy, a psychic teacher (Damian Lewis), Pete, a car salesman good at finding lost stuff (Timothy Olyphant), and not-much-going-for-him Beaver (Jason Lee) return to their cabin in the woods for their annual hunting trip. Unfortunately, they’re accosted by a variety of aliens, from the culturedContinue reading “‘Dreamcatcher’: *makes puking noises* (review)”

‘Crazy Lips’ is Bizarre but Compelling (review)

Japanese movie, AKA Hakkyousuru kuchibiru. Satomi (Hitomi Miwa) is a young woman whose brother Michio (Kazuma Suzuki) is a fugitive suspect in a murder case. She goes to the Psychic Research Center and enlists the help of wacky psychic Mamiya (Yoshiko Yura) and her assistant Touma. They show up at her house and do aContinue reading “‘Crazy Lips’ is Bizarre but Compelling (review)”

‘The Astronaut’s Wife’ is a Creepy Thriller (review)

Jillian (Charlize Theron) is, as the title suggests, married to an astronaut, Spencer (Johnny Depp). While on a trip to space, he and his coworker Alex (Nick Cassavetes) are repairing their shuttle and there’s an explosion, causing them to lose contact with NASA. Upon returning home, both men begin acting strangely. Shortly after, Jillian discoversContinue reading “‘The Astronaut’s Wife’ is a Creepy Thriller (review)”