‘The Rite’: Heavy-handed, but Delivered in a Creepy and Thoughtful Wrapping (review)

Michael (Colin O’Donoghue) is a seminary student who is starting to wonder if he really wants to be a priest. Since the Church recently decided it wants an exorcist for every diocese, Michael is sent to exorcism school in Rome. He meets comely reporter Angelina (Alice Braga) and Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), a funny oldContinue reading “‘The Rite’: Heavy-handed, but Delivered in a Creepy and Thoughtful Wrapping (review)”

1978’s ‘Magic’: Holy F***! (review)

“A terrifying love story” about the romantic relationship between ventriloquist/magician Corky (Anthony Hopkins) and his ventriloquist dummy Fats—er, I mean with former high school friend Peggy Ann (Ann-Margret). Corky, poised on the verge of his own variety show and thus instant fame, flips out over the requirement of taking a medical exam (probably because itContinue reading “1978’s ‘Magic’: Holy F***! (review)”

‘Hannibal’: Anything’s Better Than the Book it’s Based On (review)

Hannibal picks up a few years after The Silence of the Lambs left off. Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore replaces Jodie Foster) is in trouble with the FBI over a drug bust gone wrong. Her career has basically been a disappointment, since she never managed to get ahead; she’s still being held back because she’s aContinue reading “‘Hannibal’: Anything’s Better Than the Book it’s Based On (review)”

1977’s ‘Audrey Rose’ is Thought-Provoking and Groovy (review)

Janice (Marsha Mason) and Bill Templeton (John Beck) have a simple and happy life with their young daughter Ivy (Susan Swift). Suddenly a stranger (Anthony Hopkins) begins following them around, focusing particularly on Ivy. When they confront him, Elliot reveals that he believes Ivy is the reincarnation of his daughter, Audrey Rose, who burned toContinue reading “1977’s ‘Audrey Rose’ is Thought-Provoking and Groovy (review)”