‘The Tokoloshe’ is Absolutely Devastating

South African movie, in English and Zulu, by Black filmmaker Jerome Pikwane. Busi (it’s pronounced Boo-see–I’ve seen the movie, and I’m still reading it as Busy and I’m getting pissed at myself) (Petronella Tshuma) is living in abject poverty; her apartment building is condemned and she’s getting by on scraps. She vows to scrape upContinue reading “‘The Tokoloshe’ is Absolutely Devastating”

‘They’: A Little Uneven, but Solid Creepiness (review)

Julia (Laura Regan) is a psychology student working through childhood memories of night terrors. Her friend Billy (Jon Abrahams), who had a similar issue, kills himself in front of her, claiming the monsters they dreamed about have come back to get him. She becomes acquainted with Billy’s friends Terry (Dagmara Dominczyk) and Sam (Ethan Embry);Continue reading “‘They’: A Little Uneven, but Solid Creepiness (review)”

‘Boogeyman’ (2005) is Safe for the Faint of Heart–and Easy on the Eyes (review)

Tim (Barry Watson) is haunted by his past, figuratively and literally. He’s disturbed by memories like his dad (Charles Mesure) locking him in a closet, but he’s also bothered by the fact that his dad was killed by the boogeyman. (Kids! You never know what’s gonna set em off.) When his mother (Lucy Lawless) dies,Continue reading “‘Boogeyman’ (2005) is Safe for the Faint of Heart–and Easy on the Eyes (review)”