‘Mimic’: Get Ready to Get Bugged! (review)

Due to an epidemic affecting children that happens to be carried by cockroaches, New York entomologist Dr. Susan (Mira Sorvino) engineers a “Judas” beetle that will kill the nasties. In the process, the Judas beetle keeps mutating—so much so that it begins to “mimic its predator”—us. It’s up to Susan, her partner Dr. Peter (JeremyContinue reading “‘Mimic’: Get Ready to Get Bugged! (review)”

‘Of Unknown Origin’: Robocop Fights Unkillable Rat–and it’s Delightful! (review)

Bart (Peter Weller) is an average businessman. When his wife Meg (Shannon Tweed) and their son (Leif Anderson) go on a trip to visit relatives, he’s left alone—until a rat shows up. He tries multiple methods to get rid of it, but since the animal is some kind of evil rat genius, poison, traps, andContinue reading “‘Of Unknown Origin’: Robocop Fights Unkillable Rat–and it’s Delightful! (review)”

Roger Corman’s ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’: Needs More Homoeroticism and Less Whininess (review)

Not to be confused with the 1986 remake—this is the 1960 original. Seymour (Jonathan Haze) works in a Skid Row flower shop, trying to make ends meet. Among his other problems, he lives with his hypochondriac mother (Myrtle Vail), his boss Mr. Mushnick (Mel Welles) is mean, and his crush Audrey (Jackie Joseph) doesn’t noticeContinue reading “Roger Corman’s ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’: Needs More Homoeroticism and Less Whininess (review)”

1989’s ‘Little Monsters’ is Pretty Creepy for PG (review)

Brian (Fred Savage) is a young boy with a peculiar problem; he’s getting in trouble with his parents because Maurice (Howie Mandel), a monster, is stealing things and making messes, and Brian is getting blamed for it. Brian traps him, looking for an explanation, and they become friends. Maurice brings Brian to his world, whereContinue reading “1989’s ‘Little Monsters’ is Pretty Creepy for PG (review)”

‘The Langoliers’: *Siiiigh* (review)

Ten passengers on a plane awake from a nap to find that everyone else—including the pilot—has disappeared. Fortunately the captain apparently put the plane on autopilot before vanishing, and Brian the off-duty pilot (David Morse) is onboard. Besides Brian, there’s British spy Nick (Mark Lindsay Chapman), schoolteacher Laurel (Patricia Wettig), blind psychic kid Dinah (KateContinue reading “‘The Langoliers’: *Siiiigh* (review)”

Tobe Hooper’s ‘Eaten Alive’ is Not Just Any Old Slasher (review)

Judd (Neville Brand) is a cranky loner operating a rundown bayou hotel. He also kills people and feeds them to his pet crocodile. He has his hands full when a dysfunctional family of three as well as the sister and father of one of his victims rent rooms. Then there’s Buck (Robert Englund), a stubbornContinue reading “Tobe Hooper’s ‘Eaten Alive’ is Not Just Any Old Slasher (review)”

‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ is a Classic, but not Universal’s Best (review)

A group of scientists looking for fish specimens in Brazil get more than they bargained for when they encounter a half-man, half-fish (Ricou Browning). Unfortunately he has the nasty habit of killing minor characters and absconding with Kay (Julie Adams), the only woman in the movie. Her fiance David (Richard Carlson) has to chase theContinue reading “‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ is a Classic, but not Universal’s Best (review)”

1972’s ‘Ben’ is Surprisingly Heartwarming (review)

Danny (Lee Montgomery) is a lonely young boy with heart problems. When he befriends a wild rat, his mother and older sister are disturbed by his choice of companion, especially when Ben and his fellow rodents attack a boy who bullied Danny. Eventually Ben and his gang do so much damage to the town that the policeContinue reading “1972’s ‘Ben’ is Surprisingly Heartwarming (review)”

‘Aberration’ (1997) is Ridiculous but Entertaining (review)

Amy (Pamela Gidley) has just stolen fifty thousand dollars from her ex-boyfriend Uri (Valeriy Nikolaev) and needs to hole up for a while, so she heads to a secluded cabin. Unfortunately there’s a bunch of green goo around, which spawns lizards that are “evolving into a more efficient predator.” They have teeth, spit poison, growContinue reading “‘Aberration’ (1997) is Ridiculous but Entertaining (review)”

‘Arachnophobia’ Stands up to the Test of Time (review)

  While on a job in Venezuela, a photographer is killed by a very poisonous and very bitey new breed of spider. The little bugger happily rides home with the corpse to a small town in America. Ross (Jeff Daniels), the town’s new doctor, is unfortunately quite afraid of spiders, but now has to dealContinue reading “‘Arachnophobia’ Stands up to the Test of Time (review)”