Creepy Music Video Time! Greg Kihn Band: “Jeopardy”

I’ve recently read the book Horror Show by Greg Kihn. Published in 1996, it’s a tale about 1950s shlock filmmaker Landis Woodley (think Ed Wood with a little William Castle), and his entourage as they make the best movie a tiny budget has to offer–with real corpses. And, unbeknownst to them, a demon. Kihn reallyContinue reading “Creepy Music Video Time! Greg Kihn Band: “Jeopardy””

Nostalgia Tiiiiiiime! REM’s “Losing My Religion”

God I miss music videos! As an ’80s baby, I grew up in a time when if you wanted to hear the latest music you had to either turn on the radio or turn on the MTV. You had the songs you loved set to what basically amounted to short films. “Losing My Religion,” aContinue reading “Nostalgia Tiiiiiiime! REM’s “Losing My Religion””