Top Ten Cutest Halloween Costumes for Babies

It’s tough raising a baby. They cry constantly, eat constantly, and poo constantly. A parent takes one’s joys where he or she can. Like dressing the little bundle of joy in a crazy costume! I’ve scoured the internet for the most adorable ones. 10. Caterpillar This little love is conveying both confusion and a deepContinue reading “Top Ten Cutest Halloween Costumes for Babies”

Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Cats

Halloween is not a fun time of year for cats. Whether they’re being hassled on the streets by pranksters or stuffed into costumes, it’s safe to say cats are pissed. Which makes them wearing costumes even fricking funnier, I have to say. I have scoured the internet for the ten most humiliating—I mean adorable—cat costumesContinue reading “Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Cats”