1987’s ‘The Monster Squad’ Withstands the Test of Time (review)

In the late 1800s, Van Helsing and pals try to kill all of Universal Studio’s lineup: Dracula (Duncan Regehr), Frankenstein’s monster (Tom Noonan), the Mummy (Michael Reid MacKay), the Wolfman (Carl Thibault), and Gillman (the Creature from the Black Lagoon) (Tom Woodruff Jr.). “They blew it.” So 100 years later, the task is left toContinue reading “1987’s ‘The Monster Squad’ Withstands the Test of Time (review)”

‘Igor’: My Kind of Family (Re)Animation Movie (review)

Malaria is a simple country, where the people are poor and sell evil inventions to support themselves. It’s populated mainly by mad scientists and their assistants, called Igors, who are second-class citizens. One particular Igor (John Cusack) is our protagonist. When his master Dr. Glickenstein (John Cleese) dies unexpectedly, he sees his chance to pursueContinue reading “‘Igor’: My Kind of Family (Re)Animation Movie (review)”

Bill Condon’s ‘Gods and Monsters’ is Beautiful and Bittersweet (review)

Fictionalized version of the last days of James Whale, director of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. It’s the 1950s, and Jimmy (Ian McKellen) is an old man now, having long been booted out of Hollywood for being openly gay. His mind is starting to go, leaving him with two options: not take medication, be overcomeContinue reading “Bill Condon’s ‘Gods and Monsters’ is Beautiful and Bittersweet (review)”

Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’: Wholesome Undead Canine Shenanigans (review)

Not to be confused with the remake; this is one of Tim Burton’s early works. 10-year-old Victor (Barret Oliver, The Neverending Story) loses his dog Sparky when Sparky is hit by a car. Unbeknownst to his parents (Shelley Duvall and Daniel Stern), he brings Sparky back to life a la Frankenstein. Unfortunately Sparky gets looseContinue reading “Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’: Wholesome Undead Canine Shenanigans (review)”