‘The Grudge’ (2020) is Worth Your Time

Taking place in the mid-2000s, the same time as the first American remakes of the Japanese Ju On movies, the film chronicles the swath of destruction caused by an American nurse, Fiona (Tara Westwood) bringing home the Saeki curse to her own house and spreading it to anyone who steps inside. I wasn’t big onContinue reading “‘The Grudge’ (2020) is Worth Your Time”

‘Maximum Overdrive’ is Really…Gosh, I Love Emilio Estevez (review)

A rogue comet causes motor vehicles and random electronic items to become sentient and murderous. A group of survivors band together at a truck stop to hold the machines off. However, diesel trucks keep coming, with an endless thirst for gas. (For some reason, the gas pumps are layabouts, while the meat slicers are moreContinue reading “‘Maximum Overdrive’ is Really…Gosh, I Love Emilio Estevez (review)”

‘The Langoliers’: *Siiiigh* (review)

Ten passengers on a plane awake from a nap to find that everyone else—including the pilot—has disappeared. Fortunately the captain apparently put the plane on autopilot before vanishing, and Brian the off-duty pilot (David Morse) is onboard. Besides Brian, there’s British spy Nick (Mark Lindsay Chapman), schoolteacher Laurel (Patricia Wettig), blind psychic kid Dinah (KateContinue reading “‘The Langoliers’: *Siiiigh* (review)”