‘Three…Extremes’: Quality Stuff (review)

Three short films by acclaimed Asian directors. “Dumplings” by Fruit Chan concerns an aging actress who finds a disturbing way to look more youthful. Park Chan-Wook’s “Cut” shows a director taken hostage in his own home; he’s given the option to either choke a child to death or watch as his wife’s fingers are beingContinue reading “‘Three…Extremes’: Quality Stuff (review)”

2009’s ‘Don’t Look Up’: A Classic Ghost Story in an Exotic Locale (review)

Marcus (Reshad Strik) is a director yearning for a chance to make a comeback in the film industry. He’s also prone to having visions of ghosts, which leads him to a haunted movie set in Romania. It seems that in the 1920s, a director (Eli Roth, really playing against type here) was trying to makeContinue reading “2009’s ‘Don’t Look Up’: A Classic Ghost Story in an Exotic Locale (review)”