‘Dead Waves’ is Creepy, Thoughtful, and Occasionally Hilarious (review)

Japanese movie, AKA Shiryôha. Usui is the director of a popular supernatural T.V. show called Spirit Sightings. He is contacted by Tsuyoshi, who wants his apparently possessed sister Runa to get a free televised exorcism. Runa is opposed to the idea, and for good reason: the dead waves, which are “Radio waves believed to harborContinue reading “‘Dead Waves’ is Creepy, Thoughtful, and Occasionally Hilarious (review)”

1986’s ‘The Wraith’: Nice Cars, Cool Explosions, and Charlie Sheen (review)

Packard (Nick Cassavetes) is a mean guy who likes to race teenagers for pink slips, cheating when he’s going to lose. He and his gang of punks: preppie guy Minty, bandanna-wearing Oggie, high-pitched Gutterboy, referee RUghead (Clint Howard), and Skank, who’s always drinking random hazardous stuff, find Packard’s sort-of girlfriend Keri (Sherilyn Fenn) in bedContinue reading “1986’s ‘The Wraith’: Nice Cars, Cool Explosions, and Charlie Sheen (review)”

‘Crazy Lips’ is Bizarre but Compelling (review)

Japanese movie. Satomi is a young woman whose brother Michio is a fugitive suspect in a murder case. She goes to the Psychic Research Center and enlists the help of wacky psychic Mamiya and her assistant Touma. They show up at her house and do a séance to find the real killer. From there, poorContinue reading “‘Crazy Lips’ is Bizarre but Compelling (review)”

‘Cello’ is Subtle but Powerful (review)

Korean movie. Mi-ju is a music professor recovering from a car accident in which her friend Tae-yeon was killed. She has no memory of the accident, only a giant scar on her arm. Her life takes a turn for the worse after listening to a cassette tape of her and Tae-yeon playing music. Her familyContinue reading “‘Cello’ is Subtle but Powerful (review)”

‘Bones’ is Haunting and Gritty (movie review)

Directed by Ernest Dickerson. Snoop Dogg is Jimmy Bones, who, back in the ‘70s, was his neighborhood godfather (or doggfather, as the case may be). He’s betrayed and killed in his home by his greedy business partner Jeremiah (Clifton Powell), drug dealer Eddie (Ricky Harris), and crooked cop Lupovich (Michael T. Weiss), while his girlfriendContinue reading “‘Bones’ is Haunting and Gritty (movie review)”

‘An American Haunting’ is…Definitely Less Ridiculous than the Book it’s Based On (review)

It’s 1817, and Betsy Bell (Rachel Hurd-Wood, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer) is a teenage girl who appears to be either possessed or haunted by an angry ghost who slaps her and pulls the blankets off of her bed, among other things. There are also weird noises and weird animals skulking about the family property.Continue reading “‘An American Haunting’ is…Definitely Less Ridiculous than the Book it’s Based On (review)”

Park Ky-hyeong’s ‘Acacia’ is Gorgeous and Melancholy (review)

Korean movie. Mi-sook and Do-il Kim are a married couple who have trouble conceiving a child. They adopt an artistic loner named Jin-sung. He adjusts fairly well, with the help of his loving adopted parents, Do-il’s father, and new friend Min-jee—though he seems to think the acacia tree in the backyard is his deceased mother.Continue reading “Park Ky-hyeong’s ‘Acacia’ is Gorgeous and Melancholy (review)”