Coming Soon: ‘The Night House’

Love mumblecore? Don’t know what mumblecore is, but love the fresh wave of indie movies by young horror auteurs? David Bruckner (The Signal, V/H/S, The Ritual) has got just the movie for you! The Night House concerns Beth (Rebecca Hall, The Gift 2015), a widow whose husband was hiding more from her than her Valentine’s Day present. The filmContinue reading “Coming Soon: ‘The Night House’”

Screen Rant’s “Pitch Meetings” Are Hilarious

Love horror movies, but hate plot holes? Do you delight in a loving parody? Check out Screen Rant’s “Pitch Meetings”! The premise is a screenwriter positing his new idea to a movie executive (both played by Ryan George). They’re movies that already exist, and the writer gets to playfully point out the flaws in saidContinue reading “Screen Rant’s “Pitch Meetings” Are Hilarious”