‘Mary’: More Like ‘Meh-ry’

We open with a title card about a witch coming to steal kids at sea, and move on to Sarah (Emily Mortimer) being held by the police, who speculate “God only knows what happened out there.” Sarah is dehydrated and bruised, and her husband David (Gary Oldman) is conspicuously absent, though their daughters Lindsey (StefanieContinue reading “‘Mary’: More Like ‘Meh-ry’”

The Dead Don’t Die is Darn Delightful! (review)

A small town is forced to deal with a zombie apocalypse. We have the law: Chief Cliff (Bill Murray), Ronnie (Adam Driver), and Mindy (Chloe Sevigny). We have the store owners: hardware guy Hank (Danny Glover) and gas “and stuff” proprietor Bobby (Caleb Landry Jones, here not playing one of his racist-with-a-man-bun characters). We have aContinue reading “The Dead Don’t Die is Darn Delightful! (review)”

Amanda Sidoti’s Voodoo Bath and Apothecary is Stunning!

I first became acquainted with Amanda through a horror group on Facebook. We kept in touch, and I wanted to promote her awesome home business. The following is an interview between her and me, via Messenger, since we live in different states: Q: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? A: K wantedContinue reading “Amanda Sidoti’s Voodoo Bath and Apothecary is Stunning!”

Keith Busher’s Precious Mutations are Priceless!

Precious Moments figurines are ceramic statues depicting sweet subjects like angels or children. Artist Keith Busher subverts the saccharine factor of the statues by remaking them as monsterish–and still darn precious. You can see more of Busher’s work on his Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/PreciousMutations/ and his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/preciousmutator/?hl=en

White Privilege, Racism, and Some Thoughts on Jordan Peele’s Brilliant ‘Get Out’

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is a young Black man who’s wary about meeting his white girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams) super-rich family for the first time. Her parents (Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford) seem friendly and welcoming. However, Chris is in over his head as a gathering takes place with a sinister purpose in store for him. TheContinue reading “White Privilege, Racism, and Some Thoughts on Jordan Peele’s Brilliant ‘Get Out’”

‘Cello’ is Subtle but Powerful (review)

Korean movie, AKA Chello hongmijoo ilga salinsagan. Mi-ju (Hyun-Ah Sung) is a music professor recovering from a car accident in which her friend Tae-yeon (Da-an Park) was killed. Her life takes a turn for the worse after listening to a cassette tape of Tae-yeon and her playing music. Her family is disintegrating, from her sister-in-law Kyung-ranContinue reading “‘Cello’ is Subtle but Powerful (review)”

Park Ky-hyeong’s ‘Acacia’ is Gorgeous and Melancholy (review)

Korean movie. Mi-sook (Shim Hye-jin) and Do-il (Jin-geun Kim) are a married couple who are having trouble conceiving a child. They adopt an artistic loner named Jin-sung (Oh-bin Mun). He adjusts fairly well, with the help of his adopted parents, Do-il’s father, and new friend Min-jee (Na-yoon Jeong)—though he seems to think the acacia treeContinue reading “Park Ky-hyeong’s ‘Acacia’ is Gorgeous and Melancholy (review)”