‘Three…Extremes’: Quality Stuff (review)

Three short films by acclaimed Asian directors. “Dumplings” by Fruit Chan concerns an aging actress who finds a disturbing way to look more youthful. Park Chan-Wook’s “Cut” shows a director taken hostage in his own home; he’s given the option to either choke a child to death or watch as his wife’s fingers are beingContinue reading “‘Three…Extremes’: Quality Stuff (review)”

‘House’ AKA ‘Hausu’ is Hilarious and Completely Unpredictable (review)

*Sniff* My very, very first movie review. Not to be confused with the 1986 American movie of the same name; this is a Japanese movie from 1977. It revolves around seven schoolgirls (who sometimes dress like Sailor Moon) off to spend their summer at a secluded house in the country. There’s Gorgeous (obsessed with herContinue reading “‘House’ AKA ‘Hausu’ is Hilarious and Completely Unpredictable (review)”

‘Ju On: The Grudge’–I Wuvs! (review)

Japanese movie, directed by Takashi Shimizu. This is the film the American remake (also directed by Shimizu) draws the most from–there are two, and I’m not counting the Japanese sequel. A woman named Kayako (Takako Fuji) and her son Toshio (Yuya Ozeki) are killed by her husband Takeo (Takashi Matsuyama), and their angry, cursed ghostsContinue reading “‘Ju On: The Grudge’–I Wuvs! (review)”

Hideo Nakata’s ‘Ringu’: Ya See, Kids, the ’90s were a Simpler Time… (review)

The Japanese movie that was remade in America as The Ring. Asakawa (Nanako Matsushima) is a reporter investigating mysterious deaths (including that of her niece Tomoko), all occurring one week after the victims watched a strange videotape. Asakawa locates the actual tape and watches it. With seven days to live, in desperation she shows itContinue reading “Hideo Nakata’s ‘Ringu’: Ya See, Kids, the ’90s were a Simpler Time… (review)”

‘Marronnier’: Compelling, Creepy, and Campy (review)

Japanese movie, based on the manga by Junji Ito. Marino (Mayu) is a young woman who’s “hooked on dolls,” particularly those made by famous doll maker Iwata (Ochyazukenori). Her passion is ultimately detrimental, as Iwata’s loony assistant Numai (Hiroto Nakayama) becomes fixated on her. He eventually kidnaps her and reveals Iwata’s secret: the dolls areContinue reading “‘Marronnier’: Compelling, Creepy, and Campy (review)”

‘J-Horror Anthology: Underworld’–Gore on a Limited Financial Plan (review)

Japanese movie, organized into six segments. “Chain Mail” shows three snobby girls getting their comeuppance from a girl they accidentally killed; “Left Behind in the Mountain” features a cruel prankster being taught a lesson; “Tattoo” is about a prostitute with a supernatural ink job; “Lost in Memory” concerns three young men and their ethereal friend;Continue reading “‘J-Horror Anthology: Underworld’–Gore on a Limited Financial Plan (review)”

‘J-Horror Anthology: Legends’–Scares and Campy Fun (review)

Japanese movie, AKA Inagawa Junji no shinjitsu no horror. It consists of six short films. “Peony Lamp” concerns a young samurai and his ghostly paramour; “She Bear” shows two girls and their run-in with a monster; “Yamamba” is about two reporters looking for a legendary creature; “Nurarihyon” deals with a friendly ghost and the family heContinue reading “‘J-Horror Anthology: Legends’–Scares and Campy Fun (review)”

‘Dead Waves’ is Creepy, Thoughtful, and Occasionally Hilarious (review)

Japanese movie, AKA Shiryôha. Usui is the director of a popular supernatural T.V. show called Spirit Sightings. He is contacted by Tsuyoshi, who wants his apparently possessed sister Runa to get a free televised exorcism. Runa is opposed to the idea, and for good reason: the dead waves, which are “Radio waves believed to harborContinue reading “‘Dead Waves’ is Creepy, Thoughtful, and Occasionally Hilarious (review)”