‘Jacob’s Ladder’ (2019) is Not Without its Charms

Jacob (Michael Ealy) is a former Afghanistan war medic who suffers from PTSD, which is exacerbated by the fact that he saw his brother Isaac (Jesse Williams), also a soldier, die on his operating table. In his current job at a veteran hospital, he bumps into guys who are on HDA, also known as “theContinue reading “‘Jacob’s Ladder’ (2019) is Not Without its Charms”

‘Jacob’s Ladder’: Rich in Biblical Goodness (and Creepy as F***) (review)

Jacob (Tim Robbins) is a friendly postal worker who is also a Vietnam veteran. His fairly comfortable life with his girlfriend Jezzie (the wonderful, late Elizabeth Peña) is disrupted by sudden hallucinations: he has Vietnam flashbacks and also horrible visions of monsters. One night he wakes up in bed with his ex-wife Sarah (Patricia Kalember),Continue reading “‘Jacob’s Ladder’: Rich in Biblical Goodness (and Creepy as F***) (review)”