‘Phone’: Eerie and Well-Made (review)

Korean movie, AKA Pon. Ji Won is a reporter who has just uncovered a sex scandal. Among her many difficulties are threatening phone calls, both from a man involved in the scandal and a ghost, who tends to make a screechy noise that either kills people or seriously disturbs them. Ji Won’s niece Young JuContinue reading “‘Phone’: Eerie and Well-Made (review)”

‘Dead Friend’: A Nifty Korean Ghost Story (review)

Korean movie, AKA The Ghost, AKA Ryeong. Ji-won is a college student with amnesia. She starts having visions of an angry spirit coming to get her, but doesn’t remember what she did to cause it. She’s approached by Yu-jung, one of her old friends from high school, who helps her gradually recall that she, Yu-jung, and their twoContinue reading “‘Dead Friend’: A Nifty Korean Ghost Story (review)”

‘Cello’ is Subtle but Powerful (review)

Korean movie, AKA Chello hongmijoo ilga salinsagan. Mi-ju (Hyun-Ah Sung) is a music professor recovering from a car accident in which her friend Tae-yeon (Da-an Park) was killed. Her life takes a turn for the worse after listening to a cassette tape of Tae-yeon and her playing music. Her family is disintegrating, from her sister-in-law Kyung-ranContinue reading “‘Cello’ is Subtle but Powerful (review)”

Park Ky-hyeong’s ‘Acacia’ is Gorgeous and Melancholy (review)

Korean movie. Mi-sook (Shim Hye-jin) and Do-il (Jin-geun Kim) are a married couple who are having trouble conceiving a child. They adopt an artistic loner named Jin-sung (Oh-bin Mun). He adjusts fairly well, with the help of his adopted parents, Do-il’s father, and new friend Min-jee (Na-yoon Jeong)—though he seems to think the acacia treeContinue reading “Park Ky-hyeong’s ‘Acacia’ is Gorgeous and Melancholy (review)”