5 Ridiculously Horrifying Childrens’ Books

When I’m not reviewing horror movies, I am employed as library support staff (NOT everyone who works at the public library is a volunteer or a librarian). I recently wrote about some terrifying fairy tale and folklore books (which you can read here) when I was inspired at work, and I was recently motivated againContinue reading “5 Ridiculously Horrifying Childrens’ Books”

5 Horrifying Folktales from 1980s Childrens’ Books

I work at the public library, and occasionally my duties involve culling books that have either been circulated too often or not recently enough to keep them around anymore. While pulling fairy tale books, I noticed a few of these were quite disturbing, which launched this listicle in my mind.  5. The Monster and theContinue reading “5 Horrifying Folktales from 1980s Childrens’ Books”