‘Little Monsters’: You Need it in Your Life

Australian film, not to be confused with the 1989 movie of the same title, which I reviewed quite a while ago, here. Dave (Alexander England) is a subpar musician who’s just broken up with his girlfriend because they disagree on whether to have kids–he doesn’t want to. He crashes on his sister Tess’s (Kat Stewart)Continue reading “‘Little Monsters’: You Need it in Your Life”

1989’s ‘Little Monsters’ is Pretty Creepy for PG (review)

Brian (Fred Savage) is a young boy with a peculiar problem; he’s getting in trouble with his parents because Maurice (Howie Mandel), a monster, is stealing things and making messes, and Brian is getting blamed for it. Brian traps him, looking for an explanation, and they become friends. Maurice brings Brian to his world, whereContinue reading “1989’s ‘Little Monsters’ is Pretty Creepy for PG (review)”