‘Pathology’: Restrained and Thought-Provoking, But the Characters Suck (review)

Ted (Milo Ventimiglia) is the newest pathology resident at the county morgue. His group of peers there are arrogant jerks, from leader Jake (Michael Weston), interchangeable white guy number 1 Griffin (Johnny Whitworth), interchangeable white guy number 2 Chip (Dan Callahan), unremarkable Catherine (Meiling Melançon, and sex kitten Juliette (Lauren Lee Smith), who’s sort ofContinue reading “‘Pathology’: Restrained and Thought-Provoking, But the Characters Suck (review)”

‘Wishcraft’: Pizzle, I Say, Pizzle! (review)

Brett (Michael Weston) is a nerdy high schooler with a crush on Sam (Alexandra Holden), a popular girl with a jock boyfriend. His life changes seemingly for the better when an unknown benefactor gives him a wishing totem (a “bull pizzle”). He wishes that Sam would be his girlfriend, which she does. But he wondersContinue reading “‘Wishcraft’: Pizzle, I Say, Pizzle! (review)”