‘Repossessed’: You Gotta, at Least Once (review)

It’s an early ‘90s spoof of The Exorcist. Nancy (Linda Blair) is a housewife who was once possessed as a young girl, and who becomes, as the title suggests, repossessed. Leslie Nielsen is Father Mayii, the priest who comes to her aid. Things are complicated when Ernest (Ned Beatty) and Fanny Ray Weller (Lana Schwab),Continue reading “‘Repossessed’: You Gotta, at Least Once (review)”

‘Ed and His Dead Mother’ is Delightfully Demented (review)

Ed (Steve Buscemi) is on trial for cutting off his mother’s head; however, as he explains, she was already dead. Going back a bit, Ed, still bereft about his mother Mabel’s (Miriam Margoyles) death, is approached by the Happy People Corporation; Mr. Pattle (John Glover) offers him “a simple reanimation” for a thousand dollars. Unfortunately,Continue reading “‘Ed and His Dead Mother’ is Delightfully Demented (review)”