‘Gretel and Hansel’ is Creepy and Weird

In the style of the Grim fairy tale, the land of long ago is in serious famine. At the home of Gretel (Sophia Lillis), who for the sake of the movie is a teenager, and Hansel (Samuel Leakey), their mother (Fiona O’Shaughnessy) is losing her shit after the patriarch has gone on to his reward.Continue reading “‘Gretel and Hansel’ is Creepy and Weird”

Love Paul Tremblay’s Books? Get Ready for Adaptations! Someday.

Paul Tremblay’s debut novel, A Head Full of Ghosts, rocked the horror world for its masterful telling of a teenage girl’s possession being fodder for a reality show. The rights were obtained four years ago, and at the moment Oz Perkins (The Blackcoat’s Daughter, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House) isContinue reading “Love Paul Tremblay’s Books? Get Ready for Adaptations! Someday.”