‘Igor’: My Kind of Family (Re)Animation Movie (review)

Malaria is a simple country, where the people are poor and sell evil inventions to support themselves. It’s populated mainly by mad scientists and their assistants, called Igors, who are second-class citizens. One particular Igor (John Cusack) is our protagonist. When his master Dr. Glickenstein (John Cleese) dies unexpectedly, he sees his chance to pursueContinue reading “‘Igor’: My Kind of Family (Re)Animation Movie (review)”

‘Ed and His Dead Mother’ is Delightfully Demented (review)

Ed (Steve Buscemi) is on trial for cutting off his mother’s head; however, as he explains, she was already dead. Going back a bit, Ed, still bereft about his mother Mabel’s (Miriam Margoyles) death, is approached by the Happy People Corporation; Mr. Pattle (John Glover) offers him “a simple reanimation” for a thousand dollars. Unfortunately,Continue reading “‘Ed and His Dead Mother’ is Delightfully Demented (review)”