‘Feardotcom’: A Lovely Series of Plot Holes (review)

Feardotcom(.com) is a website run by serial killer Alistair (Stephen Rea), who believes that “Reducing relationships to anonymous electronic impulses is a perversion.” His solution: kidnap young women and film himself torturing them until they beg to die, thus creating “intimacy with death.” Protagonist Mike (Stephen Dorff) is the detective who’s been hunting him forContinue reading “‘Feardotcom’: A Lovely Series of Plot Holes (review)”

1987’s ‘The Gate’ Offers a Bodacious Mix of Humor and Horror (review)

  About young Glen (Stephen Dorff) and his big sister Al (Christa Denton, The Bad Seed 1985), who are home alone for the weekend. With the help of their friend Terry (Louis Tripp, Gate II: The Trespassers), they accidentally turn a hole in the backyard into a portal to hell. Seems the combination of aContinue reading “1987’s ‘The Gate’ Offers a Bodacious Mix of Humor and Horror (review)”