Ryan George: “Ghosts are Bad at Revenge”

If you’ve never seen a Ryan George YouTube video, you’re in for a treat. He’s a master of parody, especially that of dumb movie tropes. He really gets horror films and how silly they can be. In “Ghosts are Bad at Revenge”, we have a freshly dead guy in the Unfinished Business Bureau, being toldContinue reading “Ryan George: “Ghosts are Bad at Revenge””

David Lopez is Horrifically Hilarious!

If you haven’t seen David Lopez’s short film Hispanic Halloween, you’re in for a treat. https://youtu.be/RRJkvUW5j0o But did you know he also tackled The Strangers? https://youtu.be/4oN5JQNFDFk And how about Hellraiser? https://youtu.be/AdJEfZbnejs Love the production value on that last one; the character impersonators look and sound great!